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BigInt Hosting was founded in the winter of 2003 when ClassActWeb expanded its offerings to include shared hosting. For the previous 3 years, ClassActWeb had been successfully providing web application development services. Our customer service and rock solid hosting platforms created our customer base and encouraged us to grow. The BigInt Hosting brand is the culmination of years of exceptional service and experience. We proudly offer our never ending dedication to you, our customer.


We run only high performance Dual Pentium 4 servers with a minimum of 1GB DDRAM. We use Cisco Routers to switch data between servers and a powerful external Cisco Firewall to shield our servers against any attacks. The servers themselves run in a cluster environment where each server or a group of servers are dedicated to one task alone. For example, we have dedicated name servers, email servers, database servers and web servers. This distributed architecture allows load to be balanced across servers resulting in increased efficiency. We ensure that our servers are always running below capacity. Sites requiring high resources are shifted to less used servers on a regular basis by our staff.

Superior Service

With complete customer satisfaction being our ultimate goal, you can always expect the very best from us. Our customer support system has been streamlined so that you get the very best answer in the minimal amount of time. We offer great services such as Microsoft SQL Server, SSL, Anonymous FTP, Cold Fusion MX, Dedicated IPs, etc. for free while our competitiors charge for them.

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