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Innovations, high quality and low-cost are the prominent features of BigIntHosting. We deliver on-time solutions that are designed and developed to meet each customer’s unique requirements. We communicate on a regular basis with the customer’s project team during all phases of the development and services delivery life cycle.

Major Services we provide are:
Application Architectures
Graphic Design
Backend Programming
Research & Development


Software architecture deals with the design and implementation of the high-level structure of a customer’s application. Our Technical Architects regularly advise clients on options available with respect to architectural approaches and technology solutions for their projects. top


In today’s e-conomy, the artistic presentation and overall aesthetic quality of your web site has become the ever-important “first impression”. Our Designers combine cutting-edge design talent and technical expertise to create a clean, professional look and feel in order to optimize your Internet presence and streamline your online business operations. Click here to view the samples of our design layouts.top


BigIntHosting’s team is characterized by a uniquely strong combination of knowledge and experience in multiple programming languages and across multiple platforms. Our programmers have solid understanding of software engineering principles and processes and in-depth experience in Web-related software development. Click here to view our skill set.top


Our Quality Assurance (QA) department is responsible for the delivery of high quality, bug free solutions. A dedicated Quality Manager constructs a QA plan, including test cases, which span the entire development life cycle. Our experienced Testers put each customer’s application through a series of test scenarios including validating functional specifications, graphic design, HTML coding and programming.top


BigIntHosting continues to work closely with customers after the application is in production to ensure the final product works as desired. BigIntHosting stands ready to provide maintenance support as dictated by the customer, including 24x7 coverage during the critical initial launch.top


One of our critical success factors is maintaining a skilled and highly motivated staff with strong scientific backgrounds and enhanced creativity to develop new products. Our programmers have all the qualities necessary to deliver successful solutions: a strong work ethic, creativity, and entrepreneurial thinking.top


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